A high impact reception or a theme styled dinner


Corporate Reception

Serving Pre Starters, Small and Cloned Plates (light bites, wholesome snacks, enticing stations: 2-3 hours)

Our Alchemists have delivered some exceptionally high profile corporate events as well as some smaller finger food receptions in offices and business conferences. 

Our pre-starters and small plates are designed to be visually enticing as well as delicious, providing the perfect accompaniment to a glass of bubbly or a signature cocktail.

As smaller cloned versions of our favourite main courses, our cloned plates are the perfect choice when looking to offer more substantial food at a sophisticated cocktail party.

Designed to meet the bespoke brief of each client’s event, our food stations provide the perfect opportunity to interact and create a unique theater setting. 


Corporate Dinners

Themed Banquets and Galas To Suit Your Brand Image (planned dinner paired and showcased: 4+ hours)

We understand that brand image means everything to your business and that an event hosted by your company is a true representation of your values and ethics, so trust CLEP to ensure you get the right message across.

At CLEP food is everything. The beginning and the end, and full circle. Every day we are engineering, adapting and developing new ideas that will become the delicate courses we provide with ingredients that are fresh and handpicked by our chefs for an amazing Modern Asian alchemy of flavour, texture, temperature and aesthetics as we endeavour to create unique dining experiences.

We have a huge range of options for presenting our food from the elegant and simple to the imaginatively themed or branded.  Our trays and dishes are always selected to suit your chosen menu.